Routine Checks On Private Health Insurance Policy

Private Health Insurance is very important in our lives. Your health deteriorates all your activities in your life. Moving as if you’re not going to have anything to do with your health can hurt you. The possibility of experiencing every risk in life should not be forgotten and measures should be taken.

Apart from the measures you take, such as taking good care of your health, going through doctor checks, taking regular medicines regularly, you need to have legal assurance. Because you may be sick or injured in a situation you suddenly encounter. In this case, the biggest guarantee would be private health insurance.

Private health insurance covers the costs of health problems that occur as a result of the negativities you encounter, within the coverage of the guarantees and limits.

Routine health checks should not be neglected to keep your health under control. Thus, early diagnosis can prevent possible disturbances or minimize damage.

Some of the insurance companies cover the routine control costs. This coverage varies according to each insurance company. Another important point is that those who want to have control without reason want to benefit from insurance. In order to benefit from routine control guarantees, the insured must have a pain or experience discomfort.

Routine Controls within Private Health Insurance


Check-up is a health test and early detection of possible diseases. Experts recommend that you check in once a year. Check-up is different for every insurance company. Some insurance companies offer check-up services to insured persons aged 18 years and over, some 14 years and over, and others without age limit.


Mammography is a control performed for early diagnosis of breast cancer. X-ray is taken to determine whether the mass in the breast. In general, insurance companies offer this service once a year to women under the age of 40. Some insurance companies do not have age limits.

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen – Prostate Cancer Control)

PSA is a blood test for early diagnosis of prostate cancer in men. Private Health Insurance companies offer this service to insured people who are usually over 40 years old at contracted health facilities once a year.